Tuesday, 19 June 2018


The world once was
Ocean and land
And trees and flowers
And men and women

Then came civilization

Agriculture started
We produced more food
Than we could eat
And got time
For non-animal things

Men and women
Took control
Cities and streets
And houses and vehicles
And money

Oh big world
With oceans and land
And trees and flowers
And men and women


For more than two millennia
There have been
Extraordinary people
Who became proponents
Of love and compassion

They were single hearted
Sources of inspiration
Sources of peace
Happy, wise people
Making others happy

And civilization went on

In a world with oceans
And land and trees
And flowers
And men and women

Civilization needed wealth
And wealth was never equal
Love was always in the heart
But suppressed by
Search for wealth

Leaders were mongers
Fear mongers
War mongers
Love was every everywhere
But there was not time for love

And civilization went on 

In the world with land and oceans
We got better and better
And now we are all connected

But our leaders still are fear mongers
And we let them
Our leaders are still war mongers
And we let them
For how long?

When will we see through the web
The web of deceit, of lies
When will be open our hearts
For all people in this world
To whom we are connected now

How long will it take
For the wisdom seeds planted long ago
To sprout and grow ferociously
Envelop the world with people
Who open their heart for love?

The love and compassion
That has been in this world
Everywhere and always
It is time, high time
That we get more wisdom

Let us start now to create world
Where love reigns
A fully united world
Where taxes are used for all!
No more hunger!

A world
Where love reigns
Let us start now
A world where
Love reigns 

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