Friday, 13 February 2015

The way up

So many times in our lives we have choices to make.
Follow the herd or take a different stance
Follow the easiest path or choose the more challenging one
Give in to desire or resist giving in now
A small lie or the truth

Actually quite some time ago I wrote a small poem on this.
It is titled our choice:

Walking on a hot and scorching day
We meet a splitting of the way
A way downwards looking shady, some trees are there
A way upwards, sandy without trees, just looking bare
Somewhere deep inside we know
The downwards shady path goes low
And down that place, there is no tree
Just heat and sweat and more ennui

Somewhere deep inside we are aware
That the way up, though initially a little bare
Will bring us to a place with lots of shade and big relief
It is God’s way, so I believe

Shall we choose the way below with instant pleasure?
Leading down to a place of heat, we cannot measure
Or shall we make little effort on the upper way?
And enjoy shade and breeze day by day 

Aufie Zophy (the author name I use)

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