Thursday, 20 August 2015

The cat and the wall

A twelve year old boy was walking down a narrow lane and met a wall. 
The wall was not very high but extremely slippery. 
He tried to climb over it, around it or under it, but did not manage to pass the wall
After an hour of intense effort he sat down and a tear left his right eye.

At that moment a very small cat came by
It tried to climb the wall but failed miserably
It started to meow and cry loudly. 
The mother cat came
The baby cat jumped on the shoulders of the mother
and the mother elegantly jumped over the wall.

The boy went home, asked help from his mom
His mom lifted him gently over the wall 

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  1. Dear sir,
    I have been following your blog for years and I love reading blog posts that has poems and self reflection thoughts in it, such as yours. Because I myself self reflect a lot, when I read about self reflections of others there's an unspoken connection I feel with these writers. Most of them that I know of come as compassionate, sensitive beings who can make connection with people in ways that others don't and I could totally relate to that. As I have been a big fan of your posts and poems, I have personally developed a sense of respect and pictured you as someone warmhearted, sensitive soul who can understand and accept others on a whole new level. But, sir I have been proved wrong since I had interacted with you some time ago. You sounded caring by asking us what problems do we face or have, we hesitated but you insisted. And I really thought you were genuinely asking and told what we felt. However instead of listening and lending an understanding ear, you were opinionated, as usual with the other questions you ask, non-related to studies. Probably you were genuine when you asked us our problems and opinions on certain matters, if only you didn't sound that judgmental I wouldn't have felt so much of regret for telling out my opinion. But sir, let me tell you something, opinions are so subjective, so do feelings. Just because our opinions differ it doesn't mean that you have to prove your point, because it is not related to facts or studies. Some kind words and motivational lift would have been much appreciated. We might be inferior compared to you but that doesn't mean you have to demotivate us. And you have no idea on how others feel towards patients. Maybe most of us say that we don't prefer to be emotionally attached to our patients. But that doesn't mean we are not empathetic, well at least me.Go on judge us, sir. I don't know why I am explaining myself here. Maybe I was wrong for having expectations about you, dear sir. But I was very disappointed when you sounded judgmental and opinionated. Out of everyone else, I really thought you would reach out to us and bond with us by being more understanding. I hope this would be your next self reflection, thank you for taking the time to read this, sir. And thank you for parting some of your knowledge to us.
    Your ex-student

    1. Dear ex-student,
      Many thanks for sharing openly your experience and your feelings here and in the past in my teaching sessions. I truly admit that among my biggest challenges in my life, is the one to keep my ego down and my soul up. Sometimes I think I am a good listener, but I can remember that perhaps too often I get so full of myself that I think that everyone will benefit of sharing own experience and opinions, and yes, sad to say, judgements. I may too often ignore the uniqueness of every human being. I sincerely hope you can forgive my shortcomings. Somewhere deep inside I hope very much that not all my students feel the same way. My intentions of my teaching is definitely to lift up and inspire and not to push down. I will take much more care in the future. I am happy you reflect regularly yourself and would be still very much interested to read your own reflections/poems. You can trust me fully, this time I will not judge and opiniate. Again my sincere apologies for what has happened.
      All the best in your career
      I think a suitable poem for this response may be "why is my soul so quiet'
      PS2: If you can mail me more details on the actual incident, this will help me growing a bit better in the future and getting a bit closer to my true intentions of being a truly inspiring teacher.

    2. Dear ex-student,
      Perhaps my ego talking again, but it seems you have been judging me based on one bad experience. Let us all learn from mistakes, from our own and from each others'

  2. Dear sir,
    Thank you for taking the time to read and take it in positively, well at least try to do so. You are a good teacher and have inspired me in many ways. Probably I went over the board with the way I expressed what I felt. Sorry for that and thank you for everything. You are amazing indeed. ;)

  3. It is ok, my anonymous friend. No need to apologize.
    Our soul is thirsty for truth, our ego for praise.
    Surely the first is more valuable than the second.
    Thanks and keep up the reflections and your love for poetry.


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