Wednesday, 11 January 2017


Simple good deeds:
Happiness is really that simple.

We do simple good deeds
and peace of mind and happiness flow in torrential currents

And yet...
So many people seem to be ignorant of that;
unforgivably ignorant of that simple giant truth
Here comes my simple story from today:

I was in Kuala Lumpur. My car's battery was empty.
I had starting cables in the trunk and asked a few drivers
in the parking the lot, to help me by letting me use their
battery for 10 seconds to start my car.

The first one said he was too much in a hurry.
After he parked his car, he got out and walked to the exit of the parking.
When he saw we were looking at him, he suddenly changed his pace,
was visibly embarrassed and pretended to rush.
We were not helped, the guy missed an opportunity to do a simple good deed.

A few more people we addressed told us other cheap excuses, other people simply ignored us.
Is that the level of development, life in a big city has brought about?
Finally we got helped by a taxi driver, who was perhaps much poorer than the people we asked before. But he helped with a smile and did not ask for anything in return. This guy seemed so much wiser, cleverer and surely he seemed much happier then the stressful faces of the drivers who refused to help or ignored us all together.

I still believe that the world is getting better with time, but we, kind people,
have still a distance to go before enough people will be inspired by our good deeds
to initiate a avalanche-like kindness revolution.
It will come, we just have to be persistent.
Our persistence will bring us the joy and happiness simple good deeds bring.
On top of that, our persistence will slowly but surely change the world for good.

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