Saturday, 25 February 2017


Sometimes we experience a slump.
It can be quite bad and sometimes it seems to last quite long.
I was reading a book by Ryuho Okawa and he had the following wise approach

If we do get in a slump, it means we are belonging somehow to high achievers.
If we experience a fall from high enough, so that it hurts badly, it means we
had climbed high enough to reach these levels in the first place.
Slumps tend to be temporary and being aware that somehow we belong
to the group of people who achieve quite high, may be a reason to be grateful throughout.

Then when a slum arrives we feel we have fallen to the lowest.
That may be true when we compare with our immediate peers or competitors,
but if we compare ourselves to all graduating from our same school or
all people of our age, we tend to be still way above average.

Then Okawa gave the next wonderful story:
Only very few people reach station 8 while climbing mount Fuji
Most people give up somewhere  at station 4 or 5. 
But then the few who reach that station 8, all believe they will win.
All believe they will reach the top first; that is partly  why they reached so far. 
If they "fail" at that point, they can get very depressed.
Maybe they are the weakest among the 10 people reaching station 8,
but among all starting the climb, they are still among the top 1%.
I think this story illustrates what is written in the two paragraphs above it very nicely.

Hope you enjoyed this story as much as I did.
Please give your comments below.

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