Friday, 10 March 2017


A good morning to you, or a good evening, or good night.
No matter what time it is when you read,
there must be something glorious just outside your window.

I have lived many days missing so many of the glorious things in my life.
Yesterday, was different. When I woke up dawn had just happened.
I inhaled the full beauty of these magical moments.
I absorbed it and lit it flow into my heart, through all my arteries
to every fingertip, to every hair root on my body.
It felt so good.

If we start our day with noticing a glorious moment,
we tend to see many more of these moments throughout.
The glory of a bird, singing its song
the glory of the cool morning air filled with oxygen
the glory of a freshly squeezed orange juice
the glory of taking a nice shower
the glory of the flowers in my garden
the trees along the road to my work
the skies, the people, the everything.

Once we notice all the glory in all these things,
it affects our heart, our mind and mood in a major way.
I have thought a lot about this
I have written quite a lot (see links below) about this,
but still there are so many days I miss out on so much beauty,
by simply failing to notice it.

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