Wednesday, 1 March 2017


Inspiration, what a wonderful word!
It means that we are inspired or in-spirit.
So many things can inspire us, perhaps most of all nature and all its beauty.
But also a wonderful piece of art, a good book, a motivating essay, a touching quote.

To get inspired, to receive inspiration is a true blessing.
But to give inspiration, to inspire others is perhaps still a greater blessing.

Isn't that the reason why we want to express ourselves, our ideas, our thoughts, our callings,
our convictions, our talents, our artistic drive? If I do some soul searching and look deep inside my heart, one of my big motivation to write in this blog, to write poems, to express myself, is that I hope some of my writings will at least inspire a few people in this world. Can you imagine if many people inspire 5 people who go on and inspire each another five, how fast the world would get full of truly inspired people?

Many of us live a full life. A life filled with so many experiences, creating so many wonderful memories and lessons and wisdom. If we do not share these things in one or the other way with our fellow human beings, these memories, experiences, that wisdom will die together with us.

This is an invitation to go and express yourself. Write down your ideas, put them out on the net, put them in a notebook, share your feelings, share your memories, share your wisdom! The world will soon be loving world. Random kindness is an idea whose time has come and no amount of greed will be able to stop it. Please enjoy to be a part of the spreading of this huge unstoppable kindness which has started. :)

I wish you a day filled with love and kindness

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