Sunday, 5 March 2017

Small big things

This afternoon I had an end-of-posting assessment with 4 of my year-5-mentees for the pediatric posting that just ended. In the beginning of the posting, I had asked them to reflect at the end of each week on 6 pre-identified professional values and give marks of between -3 to +3 to themselves for each. This afternoon they shared they most touching story of their progress on these values. And touching stories, they were.

Even though some stories were absolutely fabulous, I still enjoyed most what came after that. One student indicated that regular reflection on these values made him more aware of the small important things, of the small things that were actually big things. He had gone through other postings that lasted six weeks and they had just passed like that, but during this posting, by thinking and reflecting, he had become more aware of small things that mattered, that were beautiful, that were worthy of reflection and contemplation.

It was so nice to hear that student recount one of my own inner most convictions!

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