Friday, 24 March 2017


My dear friends,

A special experience is what I will share here today

Here it comes.

Last Monday, I had my weekly clinic for follow-up of the newborn babies that had been admitted to my ward. This is usually a busy clinic and we run it usually with 5 to 6 doctors (2 or 3 specialists and 3 to 4 trainees in pediatrics). I had started my clinic by 8,50 and at that time no other doc had arrived in the clinic. Since it was school holidays in Kelantan, the clinic was truly busy from early on. I saw case after case and as usually enjoyed the cuteness of the children and the friendship of the parents. 

At about 12.50 pm I had seen many patients. Seeing patients in clinic is a bit tiring since each child, each parent requires really your full attention. I asked the nurse how many patients were still waiting. Only five patients were still to be seen. There were five other docs there and I calculated if each sees one patient, the clinic will be finished soon. Since I came earlier than the others, I convinced myself it was fair to leave before them without affecting significantly the waiting time of the remaining patients. 

And then I got like a nudge from my consciousness, a small call from my soul. "It would be still fairer if you see one more patient and the waiting time for each remaining patient would be still shorter." I was in a dilemma for a short while but decided to listen to my soul and go hungry for another 20-30 minutes. The next patient was one of our babies who had been born preterm with a birth weight of about 800g. The baby was now four months old and doing relatively well. At the end of the consultation I proposed to the parents to initiate early developmental stimulation, which means that the occupational therapist would teach them some simple exercises to perform at home to stimulate and help with the early development of the baby. Since the parents were living more than 2 hours away from the hospital I called my friend-occupational therapist, to ask if he could see them in the afternoon, so the parents would not have to travel up and down. He responded that he was free now and that he would come to the clinic. 

Within 5 minutes he was there and somehow this simple random act of kindness made me so happy. The parents were so happy. And the occupational therapist was also visibly happy. These are simple acts of kindness from the therapists that create so much happiness. This small event really made my day. I felt energetic and my belief that the world is getting better, was enforced and confirmed yet another time. I went on with my day, doing the rest of my work with a lot of pleasure, a lot of peace of mind and it all had started with listening to a little nudge from my soul.

I am sure each of us recall times when we were listening to our soul and had a fantastic experience. I invite you my dear reader, to share your own experience in the comments section of this posting. I look forward to your special stories. Thanks in advance for sharing

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