Thursday, 16 March 2017


Sometimes I live on for days and days or perhaps even weeks
without taking some time out to stop and think for myself:
- What is really important in my life?
- What is the most important thing, person, aim, activity?
- How much time do I dedicate to these important things, persons, aims and activities?

And then also thinking on what is really unimportant,
and how much time do I spend on these things?

When I do manage to make time for reflections of this kind,
I am often amazed at how few time I spend for the really important things
and how much time I spend for the less important things.

I just spend an hour and a half, reading about and watching videos about
world and local politics. Somehow the political jokes gave me smile,
and when I read on how ridiculous some of the politicians behave,
it gives me certain level of satisfaction, but at the same time it tends to upset me,
to make me worried about things that completely out of my hands.

But is that important for my life, for my aims, for my love?
They are not. If I had spent this time doing something with my sons,
with my wife or even making a telephone call to my old and lonely auntie,
it would have been time so much better spent.

Oh, God, help me to focus more in my life
on the important things, that let me grow.

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