Sunday, 19 March 2017


Today is Saturday.

There was a health camp and I spent the day giving service to some of the disabled.
I do not know, but it almost always feels better if we spend one weekend day like this,
giving service,  compared to spending our time relaxing at home.

I got at least two wonderful memorable encounters.

1. A mother came with her boy of about ten years old, who had severe cerebral palsy. It was a very busy health camp and they had waited quite some time to be seen by a doctor. The boy was throwing a tantrum as soon as they were seated next to my table. The mother talked about a recent injection the boy received with dysport, (a close brother of botox; yes that is the more useful way of using botox: injection in muscles of spastic children) and the major improvement in the way he walked. She showed a video on her phone. The boy stopped his tantrum immediately and was so proud of the video. He took the phone out of mother's hands and showed proudly several more videos of him walking. I watched with interest. It was truly amazing how much improvement had happened, and a bit of praise from our side seemed to be making somehow a very positive difference to them.

2. A mentally challenged boy who was also about ten years old, came to see me with his mom. He looked at me closely and asked whether I was a white man. I said yes and he really started to revel and proudly told his mother that I was the second white man he ever met in his life. We became close friends in a matter of seconds and it felt so good (for both of us).

If you have a Saturday with no firm plans, I encourage everyone to go out and meet some disabled children, some elderly people or just a lonely family member. Quite often if we take such initiative, our God will give us experiences beyond what we could imagine. When i had started this morning, I had asked for our God's blessing and what a blessed day it has been indeed!

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