Friday, 6 March 2015



Peace is more than the absence of war.
Peace within is perhaps more important
Peace within is perhaps even possible in the middle of external war

Peace of mind is such an essential component of happiness
that happiness without it is maybe not true happiness at all

I have a small poem about peace here:

Wave of peace


I dream
of a wave of peace

A giant wave
Reaching beyond the fences
Moving deep inside

A wonderful wave
Drenching all the minds
Pentrating deep in hearts
Changing souls forever

A tsunami
Devastating all walls of greed
Destructive to violent thoughts
Ripping apart perversion
Erasing arrogance

A wave of peace, streaming
envelopping the world
Softening hearts
Wisening leaders

Just peace
Dare to dream with me
Let us all pray together

Let's dream and believe
In a wave of peace

An awesome wave of peace

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