Saturday, 14 March 2015

The best thing

It is good to stop on and off and think for a while
Think for a while what was the best thing that happened to me in the past 24h.

When I think about the best thing of my most recent past 24h
I become very grateful to our God for the meeting with my son
He stays in Penang and we spent most of the past 24h together
It started with a wonderful lunch at Nandos, we were wandering through Queensbay shopping mall, had an ice-cream. We had a swim together, rested for a while, talked a bit and then had dinner with more family.

I love my family. I am attached to them.
I know by being attached to the them I may expose myself to future suffering
but no matter what, the joy of being closely attached to my family may be well worth the suffering

I disagree with the principle of detachment to avoid suffering.
Being detached deprives us of the joy and makes us perhaps suffer beforehand
I have a little cluster family and love to be in the cluster.

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