Tuesday, 22 December 2015

No matter what

We all yearn for love.
Love is our yearning.

And our heart is filled with love
Love is our heart's filling.

A baby's heart overflows with love
love for you, and the baby smiles
The baby's yearning for love,
is immediately fulfilled by whoever sees the smile

As we grow up, our hearts still overflow with love
We give it away and our yearning is fulfilled.

What prohibits us to look deep in our hearts?
to see that massive mountain of love sitting there
take out a giant scoop of it for everyone
a giant scoop for everyone we meet

What prohibits this? 
Is it the fear? Fear of what?
Is it greed? Greed for what? 
is it worry? Worry about what? 

No matter what, take out a large scoop of love
Give it away, Smile, give way, give away
Find beauty in nature, in a flower, in a person. 
Tell the flower it is beauty, tell that person.

Or no, better still, stop talking, 
Listen to the flower, listen to that person.
Listen with a heart full of love, overflowing
Spilling love on everything and everyone. 

Oh boy, Oh girl,
Oh man, Oh lady
love, love love,
no matter what.

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