Friday, 11 December 2015


A sonnet is a special form of poetry
Its most classical requirements include:
1. It counts 14 verses
2. The rhyme scheme is ababcdcdefefgg
3. Every verse counts exactly 10 syllables (spoken)

Here is a humble attempt to write one:

The Most Beautiful Poem

How I wish I would have the special words
To write the very most fantastic verse
I would pen it down with feathers of birds
write the nicest poem in the universe

I would dip the colourful plume in ink
That is magic and wonderfully blue
Using gothic letters of which I think
Anyone could see they were made for you

And this world would be full with jealous eyes
They would all be envying you so much
All people ‘d turn their heads towards the skies
Wish a poem was written for them as such

But this one was for you and you alone
It ‘d be on earth, the most beautiful poem

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