Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Had recently a deep exchange of thoughts with a very good friend.
It was about suffering. and the why of it.
While the small piece of text below does not explain suffering in any way,
it is certainly a reasonable way to look at it. 

We are in the middle of the evolution towards a much better world.
If we compare the amount of suffering in the middle ages with now,
you may (or may not) agree it is getting less, fast
And we, humans have been made in such a way that we can play an active part
a creative part, a progressive part in this wonderful evolution to a better world.
We can be part of this creative process.
And what is more, we have the choice to be part of it or not.
We are able to care, and do something good.
These are the things that bring us real happiness.
If we choose to be part of this creative process
We will lead happy lifes and can help others to do so too
Others can be humans, animals or plants.
Isn't it stunning, that if we see one suffer, we can often do something to alleviate it?
And if we suffer, someone can help and do something to alleviate it?
Sometimes all we have is compassionate, comforting words, but still alleviating😊
If we see suffering we can curse it and be unhappy about it or...

What do you think
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