Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Good men

I always tell my son:

"We are good men. You and me are good men.
If someone does nasty things to us,
this does not change us from good to nasty.
We just choose to remain good men.
In case we would respond to nastiness
with our own nastiness,
then we would allow the nasty men
to turn us, who are good men,
into nasty men.
We are good and have chosen to be good
We do not give the power to anyone
to take away our goodness."

So if someone treats us good,
we treat them good.
If someone treats us in a nasty way,
we treat them good.
If someone ignores us
we treat them good

No one can take away our goodness :)

PS: of course we are not perfect, we do lose our temper sometimes,
we are not "always" good. But if we stray, we will choose not to do so for long.
We will try to quickly come back to be just...... good men


  1. I do agree with you.

    But I wonder,

    if someone treats our love ones (our parents / spouse / son / daughter / brother / sister) in a nasty way,
    How shall we respond?

    if we see someone is treating another stranger in a very very nasty way (purposefully),
    How shall we respond?

    Is it ok to be good in a nasty way?
    Is it ok to be nasty in a good way?


  2. Difficult questions, my anonymous friend.
    In these situations my post scriptum (PS) in the original posting becomes stronger. We are only humans and how we would react if we face in reality really bad situations, it is hard to know. It is nice however to reflect on such things and over the years, as I grow older, my belief in non-violence, forgiveness and unconditional love has grown.

  3. A strong, positive self-image is the best preparation for success :)
    - Joyce Brothers


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