Friday, 26 May 2017


All of us make mistakes.
All of us have some ups and downs.

But whatever happens around us,
the big order of the Universe is still standing.
No matter how much racism is coming our way,
how loud some wicked politicians shout,
the big order of the Universe is still standing.

The big order of the Universe
underlines the value of compassion,
gives instant peace of mind for good work,
gives happiness in return for service,
has planted love in our hearts,
has planted kindness in our soul,
has given each of enough reason to see the nonsense of violence.

A large number of people seem to refuse the gifts of love,
compassion, kindness, peace of mind,
A large number of people turn a blind eye to the wisdom of the universe.
It looks like extreme right politicians are giving nowadays  more voice to these people.
This is not necessarily a bad thing. Now we know that half of Americans
had suppressed for so long their white supremacy feelings.
Now we know how strong racism and egotism is still present in such countries.
Now we know that half of the Brits are still living in their grandiose illusion of colonialism.

The big order of the Universe has not changed
It still favors love, compassion, unity.
To have these people, refusing love, expose their true feelings
serves as a nudge for all "good" citizens of the world.
By "good", I mean those who are bit more evolved,
those who are a bit higher on the ladder of evolution,
those who understand the big order of the universe a bit better,
those who put service first, and understand the great peace of mind it brings.
It serves as nudge to work harder,
to become more vocal,
to not take it as a given that racism has died,
to not take it as a given that violence is not desired.

Let us all become more vocal
more active in spreading kindness.
We need leaders who spread kindness, not fear
Fear is the weapon of politicians.
It is high time that large majorities become clever enough to see through them
It is high time.

Good people on this planet,
let us all start a kindness revolution.
Let us start it now.
Be vocal about it, be as loud as wicked politicians.
If we are as loud as them, no way they will have followers.

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