Sunday, 16 July 2017


Dragonflies come in swarms.
They hatch in clear water
and spend most of their life (9-10 months)
 as larvae inside clear water.

Then they come out of the water
and live another 1 to two months as
adult dragon flies.

They have 4 wings
with muscles controlling
each wing independently,
allowing them to rotate their wings
and flap in different planes

they can hover and then move forward
and make very sharp turns

Today, after I met the wonderful swarm of dragonflies near the beach, I googled 'dragonfly' to know a bit more about its amazing flying capacity. I came across so many legends and myths about the dragonfly, from luck bringers to representing the devil. Others saw in them ghosts and souls of ancestors.

I think they are very special creatures. They were already around in the times of the dinosaurs. I try to avoid the superstition but looking at their incredible movements, it is not hard to understand that people have been giving incredible powers to them and created legends and myths about them.

Next time, I see a swarm of dragonflies, I think I will love them a bit more, or at least in a different way, after all the amazing scientific and non-scientific things I read about them today.


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