Monday, 31 July 2017

The story of the world and the tree

When we plant a tree, we want it to become a big tree.
We get this image in our mind of the place where it was planted,
being adorned with this huge nice wonderful tree with a big wide crown.

If we'd go every day to look at the tree, we will not see it growing.
But if we have not seen the tree for a long time, we will notice easily
that it has grown so much.

Now, where is the world in this story?
Here it is:

The world is getting better,
Every day the world is getting better, every year.
Exactly! Just like the tree is growing every day.

The number of peace loving people,
hungering for peace, fairness and happiness
for ALL in this world, is ever increasing.

If you look after a year or so, you may not see the difference.
If you look back a decade or a few decades, you may start to notice.
Look back a century, and you get this absolute certainty:
The world is turning into a better place to live in, fast.

Not just for the few wealthy (actually, many of them,
blinded by the fallacy that they have to protect and grow their wealth
and power at all cost, are losing out on peace  of mind, rather than gaining it!).

For all groups of people, life is getting better.
More and more people get to know their true nature:
the true nature of humans is that caring brings peace of mind,
kindness brings happiness, Love (the one with capital letter L)
is the key to a balanced life filled with fulfillment.

Every day the pool of good and kind people increases.
Just like a tree grows every day.
Once the tree has a big crown,
in spring it seems to explode
in young greenness and flowers,
Once we will reach a critical number of kind people,
the world will become overnight an oasis of love and peace.

Let us get all on this train of unconditional kindness now.
This will be to the world, like what rain and fertilizers mean to the tree.

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