Friday, 23 February 2018


Tic toc, tic toc,
close to dawn;
magical moments.

Amazing love,
Tender care,
moves slowly from my heart
where it was safely stored,
to my awakening awareness
My mind bathing
in this lovely care;
a gentle wave of joy
washes over my spirit.

The first orange sun rays are coming in,
in my room, in my eyes, in my soul;
and my mission for the day becomes:
to share the love and care in which I bathe
with every soul, I will meet 

A morning reflection (written in Dec 2016)
When I manage to make time for a small morning reflection
it feels so good and so useful for the rest of my day,
that I invariably plan to make every single morning
the time for a nice morning reflection,
but then too often the next morning already I fail
to live up to that wonderful plan. :)

Today, let us make the intention together to make 
every morning a bit of time for a small reflection 

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