Tuesday, 10 April 2018


A million flowers bloom today.
But those blooming yesterday,
are right now withering
They are about to die
and yes we do cry
we cry over them and ask why,
why do flowers have to die?

We love flowers,
they are wonderful
but when they wither,
our love is gone.

We keep the wonderful memories of the budding, blooming flower,
but try to forget the withered flower, which we threw away.
Sometimes we choose to hold on to the image of the withered flower,
of the dead flower. We get upset about it, we have a hard time to accept.

I do not understand the reason for the transient-ness of all forms of life.
No matter how much we imagine that permanence would be wonderful,
in reality permanence might be scary.

No matter how we like stability and continuity,
it is change that makes us grow, especially if we talk about spiritual growth.

We can maintain a grateful heart for the wonders of yesterday,
the wonders that have passed and are no longer here.
We can maintain a grateful heart for the wonders of today,
the new beauty, the new good things.

Wow, it looks like a really difficult topic.
It feels good to think about the difficult topics as well.
We may not have the answers,
but acceptance is often  a greater thing to achieve
than desperately trying to understand everything :)

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