Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Peace of mind

Dear friends, brothers and sisters,

This is an important one.

Have you ever saved someone's life? Or been involved in such an activity? Or contributed in a big way to the well-being of some persons in need. Do you remember how you were feeling when this was happening. Did you feel pure joy, peace of mind and true happiness?

Have you been to a party where most of the people were drunk or half-drunk. With music louder than comfortable. A few jokes that made you laugh. Perhaps you were popular for jokes you made yourself. Did you truly enjoy it? Did you feel healthy and well the next day? Was this the kind of happiness we are striving for in our life? How does it compare to the feelings we get when we perform some selfless altruism?

I have written something like this before, but I elaborate here a bit more, since this is such an important message. We have experienced the superlatives of happiness through helping others in a big way. We have experienced the small pleasures of life through acquiring things or getting in a position of power or just going to a party. The difference is soooo big in the level of satisfaction and happiness we experience. That is how we were created in this big universe: small pleasures in things that ensure our survival (or were helping to ensure it in the past) and true peace of mind and serenity when we manage to fulfill the bigger purpose of life.

I think, people like Mother Theresa were fully aware of this and chose consciously for the bigger levels of satisfaction. I have tried to be more and more aware of this as well, but so often our little ego comes to interfere. Not only our own little ego but also the consumerism of our society and the widespread advertisements in our media. The media use advanced psychology to lure us into the belief we have to consume to be happy.

The huge fallacy around the consumption of alcoholic drinks is just one example. The almost magic charm people tend to contribute to having alcoholic drinks together is nothing more than a fallacy, an indoctrinated belief for business purposes. I respect people's taste and preferences but having an alcoholic drink is not more cozy or friendly than having a wonderful fresh fruit juice or a cup of coffee or tea together and the latter may actually be more healthy.

We do not need a lot of alcohol, a lot of material things to experience the highest levels of happiness. Sure enough it is nice to have a good level of comfort in our lives, but so many people who have huge levels of luxury in their life do not find true happiness. Living a life of purpose is an essential ingredient to live a happy life. Surely there are other necessary ingredients of happiness, but these three: altruism, gratitude and forgiveness are certainly among the most important ones.

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Making a big positive difference in someone else's life is a source of pure joy and bliss (Hans VRo)

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