Thursday, 11 December 2014

Reflection 153 (love and God)

Love and God

Not so long ago I wrote a small poem, titled Y.... Have you seen love  (click-able)

Love cannot be seen, it cannot be heard, it cannot be touched and yet if we ask anyone, does love exist, they will answer, sure it does. We have no problems believing in love since we can feel it. One could ask: but love is created by humans, without humans there would be no love? Quite a superfluous thought, no one knows whether love would exist without human existence; there are so many humans in the world.

Similarly to love, no one can see, hear or touch God. And even though this is not different from love, many more people will take this as a reason not to believe in God. This is logical for those who have never felt the presence of God. People who consciously or unconsciously exclude spirituality from their lives and choose to a live a life purely based on 5 senses actually miss out on a whole dimension of life and true enough they do not experience God. Those who choose to lead a spiritual life or make spirituality part of their life will experience God and the existence of God becomes as tangible as the existence of love.... I think I am explaining too much here, perhaps we should let poetry speak for itself ... 

For those believing only in our 5 senses, these 5 tend often not to be too reliable: think about rainbows, horizons, wet streets on sunny days, etc. Read also the transcendentalist by RW Emerson.

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