Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Reflection 157 (heart)

People do not always need advice
Sometimes they need just a hand to hold,
a pair of ears to listen to them and 
a heart to understand them

I found this wonderful quote  on facebook (in French) and promptly translated it and shared it.

An understanding heart is much valued.
As St. Francis said: Lord, let me try to understand
rather than to be understood.
If we try more to understand than to be understood
we will make a real positive difference in the world
and what else brings us greater peace of mind
than making a positive difference

Many of us hunger much more for appreciation than for food.
Likewise let us try to appreciate more than being appreciated
to console rather than be consoled
to love rather than be loved
Appreciation, consolation and love will land on our hearts
like butterflies on flowers

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