Thursday, 18 December 2014

Reflection 158 (a few centuries ago)

While on a holiday in Turkey we visited the blue mosque, the Hagia sophia and the adjacent Topkapi palace. A mixture of Byzanthyne and Ottoman influences, Christianity and Islam, cathedrals converted to mosques and then into a museum with signs of both religions overwhelmingly present.

Visiting the musea attached make you aware that times were not easy, but humankind survived the most rough circumstances, managed to erect wonderful buildings and a huge body of wisdom emerged from those times gone by.

With candle light and feathers as pens, some of the sages from old were penning their deepest feelings into amazing poetry and reflections.

Sometimes I wonder when all the true wisdom and beauty from old and from anew will engulf the world and take it over completely destroying the stupidity of greed, jealousy, hatred and anger.

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