Friday, 30 December 2016

Close to the end of the year!

Close to the end of the year.
A time when many of us look back
and then look forward, sending wishes.

Somehow it is a vast dream of humans to predict the future
and there is perhaps no time more busy in future telling than this time.

I read about economies crashing and bubbles bursting
and about the wars that will happen, all pretty much the same stuff
they came up with last year this time. One time they will be right
because on and off bubbles do burst and on and off economies do crash.

Another type of predictions come from religious sects predicting the end of the world.
The leaders of such sects gaining tremendous power because they claim to know
what everyone has to do for salvation.

Let us not fall victim to any fear mongers!

Hereunder I state what i wish for 2017,
and actually not only wish, but rather believe
and actually it is a bit deeper than mere believing,
I experience it more as a knowing.

I wish a wisdom revolution
I believe in a wisdom revolution
I know somewhere deep inside that a wisdom revolution is coming.

What does a wisdom revolution mean?

In order to be wise the first and most important thing is to know ourselves
To know ourselves, we have to search for our own intrinsic nature.
We have to search and find it ourselves, but there are some priniciples
that are important for everyone on this journey.

If we discover the love in our heart and recognize love and doing loving things
as the major source of our own happiness, we already strike a big chord towards
knowledge of our true nature.

Our non-human nature demands a struggle, a struggle for possessions, a struggle for power,
but our human nature demands love, kindness, honesty, humility, a search for truth.
I think more and more people in this world are becoming fast aware of what brings happiness.
It is not found in getting drunk on Saturday nights, rendering you sick the whole of Sunday.
It is not found in in showing we are better and bigger by making others feel worse and smaller.
It is not found in material things.

It is found in altruism, selfless altruism, in random kind acts, in simple friendliness, in going the extra mile for a friend or for a complete stranger. These are the things that make us feel really good. And what else is happiness than feeling really good.

Surely knowing ourselves is more than knowing the above major principles to feel good. Knowing ourselves is also loving ourselves and appreciating our own talents and gifts. We have to search for what we really are good at, for what makes us feel we can do well.

We have to reflect and make bit by bit improvements in getting to know ourselves and our true nature a bit better.We are all so unique and no one can do this for me or for you. Reflection is so important.

This is my personal wish for everyone of my friends, for everyone of my family for 2017.

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