Saturday, 24 December 2016


The Japanese board game, Go is a very interesting game. I was playing it recently on my phone. it is fun, entertaining and it challenges your mind to a high level.

However as many other games, it seems to be a game basing its aim on the principles of scarcity.
The board is only that big and we have to fight with our opponent to get as much territory as possible. I have chosen a level of difficulty that is a bit above my own level in order to improve my skills but this means I lose more than I win. In the heat of the fight with the intelligence of my phone, I feel sometimes frustrated, sometimes victorious.

While Go is just a game, I think too many of us perceive our life as a field of scarcity too. There is only so much of everything, and if I do not take it, someone else will.

Have you seen people putting far too much on their plates at buffets
Have you seen people taking free sugars sachets or napkins, more than they can possibly need
Have you seen how people with a scarcity mindset behave in general.
I think all of us have behaved like this, at least at one time in our life.

It is because of the scarcity mind set that we all go and fight with each other.
We want to win, no matter what. Sometimes during a long fight both contenders forget what it was that started the fight, but they will not give up.

Sure there have been times of scarcity. In many places there still is.
But in many other places there is so much abundance that if only
we would be ready to give up the scarcity thinking, we could alleviate
the scarcity for almost the whole rest of the world.

Scarcity thinking gives rise to greed.
Greed is part of our instincts, our physical structure.

It is time for a spiritual revolution.
where we celebrate day by day or human nature.
Our human nature is better than our instincts.

Being human means to think and reflect
Being human means to love and share
Being human means to control our flight or fight
Being human means loving our enemies
Being human means helping each other
Being human means compassion
Being human means searching for trught
Being human means .... name another 100

Let us give up scarcity thinking sooner rather than later
and choose to be a fantastic human :)

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