Tuesday, 28 June 2016


So many of us have sometimes a hard time
to believe that this world is getting better

And yet is sooooo simple
Perform every day two random kind acts
A random kind act leaves nobody unmoved.
Really nobody.

Even in the worst scenario,
let us say that only one out of ten kind acts
would inspire someone else to be kind
at the end of a year you will have inspired more than 70 people.

In that case we need about 1/70 of the world population to work together for a year
to get the whole world inspired. Less than 1.5%
If out of every 200 people 3 manage to believe in the dream
and go out perform 2 random kind acts per day,
within a year the whole world inspired.

The most difficult is to get that critical mass of 1.5%
Let us be part of that initial 1.5%
I am sure you will enjoy.

I have put it also in a small rhyme,
titled, 'Hey, hey people of every nation':
Link: hey-hey-people-of-every-nation

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