Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Slave of conscience?

Conscience is that inner voice that urges us to good.
Tonight I really thought for a while that I have mine let grow too big.
Apparently simple situations become very complex sometimes
if we weigh all possibilities and try to feel as if we were in the other's shoes.
It sometimes takes a lot of my time, to approach situations in the best way.
To make the best possible decisions is a large task.
Sometimes pacing up and down, asking help from God.

That conscience does not release you, until you make the right move.
In the moment of a crisis, it is as if you are its slave.
But if at the end of a crisis, you look back
and feel you have been able to make a positive difference,
than you feel it has been worth it.

At the end of a crisis, I am often unsure whether what i did was really the right thing
but I feel most of the time, that what I did was better than what I would have done
without paying much attention to conscience.

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