Wednesday, 8 June 2016


I had a talk today...
I was about to write with whom and about what I talked today
when it suddenly occurred to me how miraculous it is
that we can have talk, whenever we want.

Just think about it.
Words stored in our mind
The same words stored in the other person's mind
Then a command comes from somewhere
makes me use my voice and articulate.
Lots of different sounds in fixed patterns
The sound goes into the ears of the listener
creates some current and the words are heard
and the words are understood.
The words create some emotional reaction
and in her turn the listener creates some words
in turn affecting me.

Hope you stand in as much awe as myself
for the simple fact we can talk and hear and understand.

But maybe you are still wondering what I talked about today and with whom.
Well, I wanted to write about a talk I had with a mother of an extremely small
baby who was now ready for discharge from the hospital and about all precautions we can take
to reduce the chance of infections in babies.

Since I have started, I may as well go on, taking the risk that this reflection becomes to long.
In summary, a few very important tips for parents with very young babies:
- Hand hygiene! Extremely important. Anyone coughing, will do so on their hands. Then we shake hands, touch almost everything around us and the viruses spread to so many hands even of persons not having any cough. Before touching a baby, please wash or disinfect your hands
- Not too many visitors. Even if they come do not let them touch the baby without proper hand hygiene
- Do not bring the baby to croweded place
- No passive smoke !

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