Friday, 10 June 2016


I love to sit outside and look up at the sky.
Quite often we can see marvelous things

But too many days, I am so absorbed in my work
or even not in my work, in whatever I am doing
that I do not make the time to enjoy the beauty.

If every day, or even many times per day,
we really make the time to look actively
for the beauty of nature around us, 
We will be stunned by the bliss 
that ornaments our world.

Sometimes during a ride in the car, 
we are so absorbed with what the radio plays
that we miss the scenes along the road.

And if you happen to live in township 
with only granite and tarmac and stones,
still we can see the beauty and kindness and love
that is never far away, in whomever we meet.
It is just sitting there in everyone's heart,
Often we need only a few kind words,
to unleash a storm of love and kindness.

I plan tomorrow to pay more attention to beauty.
Let us all do so?

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