Saturday, 11 June 2016

Someone 's waiting

I read this wonderful poem, Dream, by Khaled Ehtesham.
In the poem he dreamed of being on a boat in a wide sea
being in the certainty that somewhere someone was waiting for him
When he woke up he asked himself, whether really in this world,
was there someone waiting?

I enjoyed the poem very much, but then had the following reflection:

I know there are thousands of people in your town, in any town,
who are terribly lonely, thousands of people who haven't seen a smile
directed towards them in the last year, thousands of people craving
for a nice or kind word.
In our own town, in our own neighborhood, thousands of people are waiting,
waiting for us to give them a few kind words, a smile, an unexpected visit.
Behind every door we pass, on every corner corner of a street, there may be people,
opportunities to make someone happy with a simple smile,
opportunities to make a huge difference in one's life with a few kind words
opportunities to lift for a few moments what seems like an eternity of isolation

Oh, yes, every day we have so many opportunities.
Most of my days I have been just walking by these opportunities.
But on the days, I pay attention to the opportunities and I respond to them,
I feel true peace of mind and these days are the happiest days in my life.

So, yes poet, yes reader, someone is waiting for, many people.
Perhaps not that prince(ss) that is waiting in her castle for you to come by and marry,
but lots and lots of people craving for a smile, a kind word, a visit.
If we become attentive to all these things, we will live with such a peace of mind,
so free of worries and frustration that any of the princes(ses) from the castle will
surely cross our path. :)

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