Friday, 3 June 2016


Dear friends,

This is a very important message.
It is about happiness.
I have experienced craving for happiness.
Not just longing, not just desiring, craving.

I was in the process of studying.
I was stressed out. I was working hard from 6 am until 10 pm.
Cramming things in my head, fear of failure always somewhere in mind.
I was longing, desiring, craving for the exams to finish.
I imagined that the end of the exams and a superb mark would be heaven.
Then I would be happy.
The time came, I had passed with distinction and the next day
was among the emptiest days in my life.
I was dreaming of doing so many things that would make me happy.
Now I was free. I had passed the exams and my day felt empty.
I missed the sense of purpose. I missed the drive.
Happiness as anticipated was not mine. 
Reaching my goal, did not result in huge happiness.
More it resulted in emptiness.
I was more happy studying, having this sense of purpose

Happiness is not at the other side of exams
Happiness is not at the other side of that relationship
Happiness is not at the other side of having more

Happiness is a sense of bliss that comes from within
Happiness relies on gratitude for what we have
Happiness reside in the awareness that we have talents
In the sense of purpose that this brings along
and in the fact that with these talents and that purpose
we can make a difference for ourselves and for others.

If we cannot reach happiness here and now,
we will not reach it when the exams are finished
we will not reach it when we get that car or that house
or that relationship

We have to search really for happiness
as a sense of bliss from within.
Actually even not fully within.
Actually we are swimming in bliss
Swimming in Peace
All we have to do is to be aware of it,
grateful for it, connect to it
and get that sense of purpose going.

I want to end this with a huge cliché:
if you are not happy on the journey
you will not be happy on the destination.

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