Friday, 24 June 2016

My argument

When I posted yesterday, " every second the world is getting better", I felt some people have difficulties in seeing the giant truth that the world is indeed getting better.

Here is my argument:
If you compare today with yesterday, chances are that today,
you encounter more problems and problematic behavior than yesterday.
Similarly if you compare today with last week or last month.

But let us compare today with two hundred years ago.
If you were born poor, that was it.
You were extremely likely to be poor the rest of your life.
Still today many people born poor have lesser chances,
but compare the chances of a child born poor today
with the chances the same child had two hundred years ago.

Similarly if you became an orphan two hundred years ago, compare it to now.
If you were disabled two hundred years ago, compare it to now.
I hope no one fails to see that today, things are better than 200 years ago.
Many people think nostalgically about the "good" old times,
but that may be likely more a reflection of forgetting hardship
and preferential remembering of good things

Still definitely, the world is far from ideal but it is tremendously better than 200 years ago.
The change did not come at once. It came gradually. Over the years people have been feeling that their times were problematic and that the world was heading in the wrong direction. It was NOT. Every second the world has been getting a bit better over the past 200 years. Increments, so small that people have failed to notice them. Combine the gradualness of he increment with the sensationalization of negative things in the news, and it is quite understandable, why many people who do not actively look for the improvements, who do not think a bit deeper, don't see it even within their life time.

Luckily a majority, if thinking back decades ago, will see that over years or decades, the world got better. If not, read a novel written in the 18th or 19th century or even 50 years ago. Even if 50% of the novels would be exaggeration, the reality then was abominable compared to reality now.

Charity, love and caring increase. They increase every day in the world.
Crimes are still present, disasters do occur. The apparent increase may just be "better" reporting and more communication channels.

If I see the level of charity and tolerance in 2016,
it is much higher than in 2006.

If see hwo doctors treat their patients now compared to ten years ago,
there is a positive difference
Medical schools have built in communication and ethics in their core curriculum
Awareness increase ever and ever.

Please do think in your own environment and try to see which direction we move.

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