Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Smashing our TV

Today, let us smash our TV
(not meant literally)
Let us be honest and true.
How much positive things we get from watching TV?
Today another unimaginable cruelty of IS
Do we need to know this?
Publicity and attention is what IS wants.
And we gullible citizens, slaves of TV
willingly give to IS exactly what they want
encouraging them to more, because they want more,
a lot more of our attention.

Yesterday another new soap series.
Beautiful ladies and handsome men
cheating each other to the extreme.
They are so rich and wealthy
and shout and quarrel.
Is that our source of inspiration?

Tomorrow, let us walk in a beautiful park
Get totally focused on a beautiful flower
a wonderful majestic tree.
and when we get back,
let us write an incredible poem,
read a superb inspirational book.
talk to our spouse and children
and neighbours and friends
and perhaps clean up the mess
of a smashed TV :) 

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