Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Reflection 49 (daffodils - story))


I was on a guided tour through Oslo this afternoon and the guide was from there. She mentioned how fond the people form Oslo were about their summers with their very long daylight and how the winters lasted so long with their very long nights. But, she said, we Norwegians have learned to love our winters as well. We have started to love to read books by the wood fire.

And this is a wonderful piece of wisdom. It made me think of the story about the daffodils. 

One lady had a lot of daffodils in her garden and she called her gardener to do away with the daffodils. The gardener tried every method he knew but failed to get rid of the daffodils. A national expert was called and he also tried so many other things but could not get rid of the daffodils. An international expert was called and also he failed to get rid of the daffodils. She desperately asked the international expert what she should do now. The answer was: you better start to love the daffodils.

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