Monday, 23 June 2014

Reflection 58 (we are not beings)


You may not like the title of reflection 58
But please read on

One day I read in a book by Osho:
"Man is not a being
Animals are beings
God is a being
We are merely a bridge, a becoming

Man keeps on changing, becoming evolving
Remain in divine discontent until you explode in light"

I think this is so extremely nice.
A very powerful way of saying that we should keep on searching for the Truth,
never be too satisfied with what we know already.

A bit too often perhaps we are very satisfied with ourselves and we think we are living the highest truth without attempting to read more about and from people thinking differently from ourselves. 
Let's keep reading new ideas with a critical mind. 
Let us become eternal searchers for a higher truth than the one we know already, unless we want to become a being and no longer be a becoming. 

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