Saturday, 21 June 2014

Reflection 57 (humiliation)


I have had humiliating experiences
Not a long, long time ago, but just two years ago.
Humbling, no not only humbling, humiliating.
While extremely painful in the moment
now two years later, I can see the lessons I have learned
These experiences have really made me a different person.
I have learned to put my ego more aside than before.
I have learned to see the relativity of many things in life
I have learned to practice a bit more unconditional love.
I have learned to stick and stand up for principles.

We can learn a lot without having to be humiliated
but if humiliation comes your way anyhow,
do not let it break you down,
Two years later you may look back
and you may have learned from it a lot.

I wrote something about it in poetry format as well.
Can click the link below, the name of the poem is
the light

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