Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Reflection 59 (ideals)


If you ask a sailor about the hazards of the sea, he points out: where are the old sailors, all are young. Similarly in the sea of thought of the idealists, we cannot find old idealists. (RW Emerson in "the transcendentalist")

What happened to the idealists?
Do they die young or do their ideals die young?

It is the poverty and insignificance of the older generations that kills the ideals of the young. Relying on the memory of their own failure they like to kill the ideals of the young. Let us break the circle the now. We may not have achieved great things ourselves but at least let us support the great dreams of our youths. They can eradicate hunger, they can eradicate poverty. If the ideals live in them, please let the ideals mature and become reality. Everything is possible.

Idealism is not naive, is not stupid, is not immature. We need idealism more now than ever.
Let us celebrate our ideals, let us revive our ideals from when we were young now. Let's not be afraid of potential disappointment. Let us fulfill our ideals all together.

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