Sunday, 4 January 2015


I do know parents who like to send their children to prestigious boarding schools.
They believe in the necessity of this for their future education and believe that boarding schools make them truly " stand on their own legs"

Most of the time my first thought if I hear this, is: 'oh, no, does your teenager not need the warmth of home most in his or her often very challenging teenage years?'

This is at least my opinion. It may be wrong. I am sure many great achievers have come out of boarding schools. But I shiver if I hear the stories of bullying as much pitying the bullied as the the twisted personalities of the bullies.

I read a quote today that education is more like lighting a fire, rather than like filling a bucket.
Is there a better place than home to light the fire of the soul of teenagers?


  1. i had a good time in my boarding school---------in retrospective effect
    as for the other discussion i could write reems on it

    1. Many thanks for the comment Ranjana. You are right, boarding school works out for many students.It has definitely its merits and also its own shortcomings. I am so glad it worked out for you. The pro's and cons of boarding schools... Surely a subject worth pondering more and discussing more about it. Thanks again and best regards. I Look forward to more of your comments.


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