Saturday, 24 January 2015

More love

More love

Love may be the best medicine,
the best vitamin, the best herb

Much more love is needed in the world.
Like one famous song says:
We have enough mountains to climb,
enough rivers and oceans to cross.
What we need now is much more love.

Where to get that so much needed love?

We were born with heart full of it,
a river that keeps flowing
from an inexhaustible source.

If we decide to give some of it away
the universe is ready with a double dose
to fill everything up again.

the problem is that the flow of love is blocked
the flow of love is obstructed
by the sandbanks of greed
the sandbanks of self-importance
the self-banks of narcissism

If we just manage to bulldoze one of these sandbanks away,
the accumulated love behind the banks will cause a flood
A flood of love, a flood of kindness
Our whole world will be flooded, flooded by love
a wonderful giant wave of love and peace.

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