Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Equality is not equity

Are we all equal?
Surely not.
Do we want all to be equal
Surely not

We can work for equity, which implies fairness and justice.
equality is not always fair and just as illustrated in the image below:

Equality vs. Equity

Some leaders like to talk about equality for the staff, as an excuse not to give privileges to the higher ranking staff. Often these bosses themselves have a long list of privileges themselves they tend to enjoy on a daily basis.

Whenever I encounter such a situation, I think about the quote from the famous book, animal farm:
"All animals are equal except the pigs"The animals had taken over the farm after chasing away the farmer who was abusing them. Everyone seemed to be united and the slogan was that all animals were equal. The pigs who had led the revolution took on a leadership position. Soon they claimed privileges not very different from what the farmer was doing and after they had become actually worse than the farmer, the slogan was changed: all animals are equal except the pigs.

When I hear leaders of today denying people privileges in the name of equality while hanging on their own privileges like a fool, that phrase keeps propping up in my mind. Thank God we are not equal. We are all so different. Too often equality is confused with equity which is a very different thing.

Wise people tend to be full of doubt, because they know the truth is so complex
Dumb people are sure of what they think and are extremely loud and tend to take on the leadership positions.

The world is changing fast however. Sooner rather than later the service to humanity of the wise will be so obviously great that the dumb will have no choice but to follow.

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