Monday, 15 June 2015


I spent the last 5 days in India.
Before coming here, the stories of other visitors to India had scared me quite a bit
But the stories were in quite a sharp contrast with what I found.

Sure enough it is quite a poor area with a lot of agriculture
But the people look happy the beautiful smiles on their faces are so wonderful
The Food is a mixture of delicious  spice blended almost to perfection.
The colours of the saris, the buffaloes, the women wearing things on their heads
The wonderful children in their blue school uniforms
the cows on the street
The cheap shopping
The horning cars on the busy roads crisscrossing a roundabout
All so beautiful and amazing...

I am aware that Belgaum, the place I am visiting is perhaps different from other parts of India
But as for now, I have enjoyed the five days I was here and have not one regret coming.

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