Sunday, 21 June 2015

Two rivers

Imagine you are a successful adult
As a teenager you swum in the river of your life
You swum west all the time
Your river flowed west and 
Your education and career snowballed into huge successes
Your river widened, swimming west went easier
and soon you arrived in the sea of abundance

Imagine you are a child of this successful adult
As a teenager you are in your own river of your own life
Your river flows to the south, towards the sea of abundance
Your father encourages you to swim west all the time
You try to follow his advice but end up, time after time
on the banks of the river of your life
You seem not to move forward
Your father says swim harder west
You want to swim south but your father gets upset with you.
You keep trying your best but never reach the sea of abundance...

Blind obedience to parents is NOT filial piety
Blind obedience is not respect
Blind obedience is often self destructive

Sometimes we need to express our own calling,
Explain, full of respect, full of honour
A loving parent, truly loving parent will always understand.

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