Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Few years back I read a poem, titled the river by Elena Sandu
It was a beautiful poem
It sounded like she had been praying next to a river and had a very spiritual experience

Praying is something so valuable
Especially in the full glory of nature

We do not pray to an imagined old bearded man, sitting somewhere high in the skies.
We cannot bring under words the nature of our God, we pray to, because our mind is too small to comprehend. But much more than a bearded man it feels like God is a stream of huge energy, love and wisdom, a force, the ether we are bathing in day and night. The spirit that is everywhere, anytime.

Once we manage to experience our true Creator in that way, we get such a positive certainty that our God exists and prayer becomes something so extremely valuable to our  personal growth and being.

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