Saturday, 20 June 2015

The way to abundance

We are born with our specific talents and gifts.
A very specific calling resides inside of men and women.
This calling encompasses making a positive change in the world.

If you look deep into yourself in a very honest and open way,
you will find this internal craving for appreciation
you fill find this restlessness, this need for happiness,
this need for approval and respect from our family and friends.

If you look deep into yourself in a very honest and open way,
you will find that you like something more than anything else;
you will find that you love a little bit more to do something than anything else
You will find that you are a bit better at something than at anything else.

That little something is our calling.
It was Ralph Waldo Emerson who compared it to being in a river
We hit obstacles in every direction we want to move.
except into one direction, the direction of that little thing that we love best

If still in that river, we find that direction without obstacles,
the direction in which our talents and gifts are directing us
we will soon move forward, forward towards the wider part of the river
where navigation is easy and brings us soon to the sea of abundance

The sea of abundant peace of mind, abundant satisfaction
The sea of feeling good about ourselves, making this positive difference
Making these few or many others a bit better off, a bit happier, a bit more at ease.
The sea of abundance will be ours.

Sometimes we just want abundant money straight and only
and think there are shortcuts to that.
True enough there are shortcuts to material wealth but not to
mental emotional and spiritual wealth

If we find our talent, our calling,
we will find mental wealth
we will find emotional and spiritual wealth
With it comes material wealth

Material wealth alone is never leading to happiness
We need mental, emotional and spiritual wealth as much
Success is not getting rich, money wise and then commit suicide
Success lies in peace of mind and every type of wealth that is meant for humans

Abundant mental wealth (truth and knowledge)
Abundant emotional wealth (love and kindness)
Abundant spiritual wealth (faith and caringness)
Abundant material wealth (comfort and ease)

Follow your talent
Follow your calling...

The most successful people are not those of extremely strong will
They are the ones who resist least and let their talent flow freely...

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