Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Kaya in Malaysia is the name of coconut jam, a pure and fantastic delicacy to spread on your bread.
Kaya is also an adjective meaning rich.

A few days ago I posted in this blog something on richness and precious things
Indeed richness means that we have precious things and that we have a lot of it.

I have been thinking and one super important element of the meaning or richness was not addressed in the above: we have to be aware of having the precious things.

Imagine a man whose parents had put an immensely large amount of money in an account with his name but had planned to tell him later. But both died in a tragic accident before they could tell him about it. Is that man rich? He has a lot of money but is not aware of it. So he is actually not rich

Imagine a woman who has a garden. In her garden, deep under the soil is a gold mine. She does not know. She has a tremendous amount of gold but she does not know and thus is not rich.

Imagine a man who has received perfect eyesight and on top of that all his days are filled with light shining on the most beautiful elements and objects in nature. But this man is too busy with worries and greed and jealousy to see any of these treasures. This man is not aware of the huge treasure he gets on a daily basis and is not rich

And so is it with our health, our knowledge, our capability to think, our love. Most of us are so rich with it, but if we are not aware and consciously enjoy all these we are in a matter of fact poor.

Imagine a women, born with a heart full of kindness but it is hidden under a mountain of greed.
She has something more valuable than all the gold on earth but her treasure is hidden and she is not rich

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