Sunday, 19 July 2015

The magic of dawn

It is always pleasant to be outside
during these very special moments
where the dark of the night
gives way to the day's light

I never regretted waking
to make a walk early in the morn

This morning, was one of these mornings
I woke up at 6.20, said some prayers with a grateful heart
and went for my walk on the beach
That time of the day there is palpable magic in the air
an un-name-able beauty hangs around in the skies
the softness of the light gives a surreal appearance to the meanest of things

I jogged a few tens of meters
then walked, moving the shallow water with my feet
Wonderful thoughts entering my mind
Deep contemplation

On the way back I made an effort to mindfulness
Just concentrating on the walking, on my breath
Feeling the sand under my feet, feeling the fresh air
enjoying the sight of the birds, adorning the sky

I made the intention to do this every day.
I have made this intention countless times before
I hope now I can follow up with it a bit longer than usually.

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