Friday, 24 July 2015

To the fullest

Every human has in her or himself
the love of truth
the love of good and
the love of beauty

We search for knowledge, we search for truth.
The more knowledge we get, the more we are aware of the gaps in our knowledge
The more we read, the more we are we aware we are knowing a little, little bit
Higher than knowledge is still is our search for the truth.
The truth about life, about spirituality
Truth is different from knowledge.
The search for truth inevitably involves reflection and thought
deep thinking and inspiration. The higher our hunger for truth,
the further we reach. When we discover a giant truth
we bask for a while in the glory and sweet satisfaction of having discovered it
but if our heart remains humble in the process our mind and soul
will boil over the rim of the recently discovered truth and search for the next higher truth.

Our love for good, for doing well is another wonderful love we all share.
If we do make a positive difference in the life of another person
we experience close to perfect bliss.
Try to remember the time you saved a life, you saved a person from getting depressed or just did something nice that turned a wonderful smile on the face of the person next to you. Remember the time you managed to listen, the time you gave that small but significant gift, the time you walked with the child the extra mile. Then think about the feeling you got. The peace you experienced.
Wonderful isn't it.
 I do not understand how not most of us are hungering much more every day for doing some of these things. All of us have experienced the joy of helping, but we keep struggling to get richer and richer and higher and higher ourselves often at the cost of others. Never that brings us a real good feeling. Our love for good, let us keep it alive.

Our love for beauty is the next big love. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We need to keep our mind open for the beauty> often at the end of the day, I realize I forgot to look actively at the beauty of nature that surrounds my house, the beauty of the souls of people in my workplace and of so much more. When at night I manage to see some beauty it fulfills me with a sense of bliss More so if we manage to express our perception of beauty through a wonderful quote or text or poem. Expression of beauty is so much a part of men and women, that we live only partial lives if we fail to express what we experience. Our expression of beauty makes our life more complete

let us all be a bit more more aware of the three big loves.
The love of truth, the knower in us
The love of good, the doer in us
The love of beauty, the artist in us

Let us keep it all alive and live our life to the very fullest

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